Sustainability News

Here is our story.

We’re lucky to live here, in MIGHTY South Australia. Foodland is taking the future seriously and affirming our commitment to ensure GREAT FOOD ALWAYS LIVES HERE. Now is our chance to safeguard SA’s food bowl, to invest in the health of our community and to continue to build a future-proof business. Foodland is thinking smarter, digging deeper and forging stronger connections to South Australians underpinned by our seven Sustainable pillars, and most importantly taking the future seriously by talking to the future, not about the future.

Take a moment, have a look around and listen, like we did to our eight Foodland future champions tell us what sustainability means to them and what they’d like to see in the future.

Soft Plastic Recycling Program

We’re working towards Zero Waste. Foodland developed its own soft plastic recycling program in 50 stores across South Australia where a range of soft plastics were collected, transported, and recycled by our partners at YCA Recycling and Tumbetun. The program has since been paused. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media pages for any updates on the resumption of this program.

Working towards Zero Waste

Foodland Supermarkets is excited to announce our new ‘Peculiar Picks’ range in our ongoing effort to reduce food waste and support our growers.

We’ve been working with South Australian Producers to minimise food waste as part of our Sustainable Seven pillars. Just because a piece of fruit may look a little ‘peculiar’ on the outside, doesn’t mean that the texture, quality, taste and freshness is compromised – when you bite into it, it’s just the way it was intended to be… delicious.

Locally, this is a huge success story for our brand and for the primary producers that we work with every day. We’ll continue working with producers to bring our customers seasonally ranged produce, so you may see red and green apples, pears, mangoes, avocados and even strawberries throughout the year as our Peculiar Picks.

Compostable Eco Pack Lemons

At Foodland we’re working towards sustainable packaging. That’s why we’ve teamed up with ennio International and introduced Compostable Eco Pack Lemons in our stores. This is an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional plastic netting bag. The netting can be safely deposited in household green waste bins used for home or industrial composting. For more information on ennio International’s compostable Fruit & Veg netting click here.

Foodland partners with Detpak to reduce single-use packaging in store.

Foodland has partnered with Detpak to reduce single-use plastics instore, introducing a new recyclable packaging range for the bakery section!

This range includes flat bags, bread bags and cake boxes, and can be placed in a kerbside recycling bin after use to live again as part of the circular economy.

“This initiative is the beginning of our journey to 2025 when all of our packaging will be compostable, recyclable, or reusable across all Foodland stores” says Franklin dos Santos, CEO of Foodland Supermarkets.

This new range will be available instore at Brighton Foodland from Saturday 17 September 2022.

This exciting innovation project is supported by South Australia’s (GISA)’s Circular Economy and Market Development Grant (CEMDG).