Our Seven Priorities

Foodland and eight, mighty, South Aussies spent two days in February 2022 discussing the future of our state and what we could do to ensure great food ALWAYS lives here. Beerenberg Farm was the perfect inspiration as we considered the rights of animals, the beauty of nature, and the simple joy of a fresh-picked strawberry from the patch. The result? Seven actions Foodland is taking to support our state, our community, and the next generation of Mighty South Aussies.

Meet Indigo

We’re working with Indigo to make our communities safer for her and her friends to ride or walk to school.

01. Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Foodland is reducing its carbon footprint through upgrades to our fridge and LED lighting systems in store through our partnership with Zen Energy and will begin trialling Electric Vehicle charging stations across 24 sites this year.

Meet Malaika

Malaika knows how important it is to keep plastics out of our ocean. That’s why Foodland is developing its own soft plastic recycling. Look out for it in store.

02. Towards Zero Waste

Foodland is working with Food for Change and Green Industries SA to develop solutions that divert food from landfill and minimise food waste.

Meet Isabella

Isabella told us about a champagne company using spent grape skins and an egg company using coconut husks instead of cardboard! We back Isabella’s desire to, “let the trees grow really big” and so continue to innovate with our packaging solutions.

03. Better Packaging

Foodland and Detpak kicked off a trial on compostable bakery packaging in May this year. We’re seeing more stores adopt paper bags and compostable produce bags.

Meet Oliver

Oliver dislikes the trend of YouTubers wasting food. He thinks it’s important to appreciate and respect where our food comes from and ensure every South Aussie gets access to great food.

04. Great Food for All

Foodland works directly with producers to ensure our food gets from paddock
to plate as sustainably and ethically as possible. We celebrate great tasting food, and are building consumer awareness around imperfect looking fruit and veg.

Meet Riley

“If I have carrots, lettuce, tomato and cucumber, that would be a healthy lunch and all that. And I would get good cavities,” says Riley. Foodland’s working hard to keep Riley (and you) out of the dentist chair.

05. Happy and Healthy

Foodland is committed to providing fresh, healthy and functional foods to the community promoting the role great food plays in great mental health.

Meet Dante & Sophia

“Fairness means to me that everybody should get a shot no matter what gender, no matter what race, no matter what belief,” says Dante. “It’s nice to be fair to people and it doesn’t matter how you look like or sound like,” says Sophia.

06. A Fair Go For All

Foodland has tasked recruitment agencies to help us engage employees with disabilities and have formed partnerships to help us grow diversity and inclusion in our organisation.

Meet Bian

Bian thinks that growing your own food is a big part of being more sustainable. She wants SA to grow more of its own, great food. Of course Foodland backs Bian’s thinking all the way!

07. Local Above All Else

Foodland is a platform for Mighty South Aussie brands. We’re committed to our South Australian and Australian-First sourcing policy and helping brands grow. Our Retail Ready Program is one-of-a-kind and helps local producers scale and launch their products on our shelves across the state.

Watch the film and hear from Bian, Dante, Indigo, Isabella, Oliver, Malaika, Riley, and Sophia about what’s important to them now and what they want to protect for their future. Foodland’s ‘Sustainable Seven’. Seven actions our business is taking to support generations of Mighty South Aussies to come.

Buying local is sustainable

No-one stocks a greater range of – or is more connected to – mighty South Aussie food producers than Foodland. Together, Foodland and its customers can ensure great food ALWAYS lives here. Browse great food and weekly savings online.