Working towards Zero Waste

Our new ‘Peculiar Picks’ range

Foodland Supermarkets is excited to announce our new ‘Peculiar Picks’ range in our ongoing effort to reduce food waste and support our growers.

We’ve been working with South Australian Producers to minimise food waste as part of our Sustainable Seven pillars. Just because a piece of fruit may look a little ‘peculiar’ on the outside, doesn’t mean that the texture, quality, taste and freshness is compromised – when you bite into it, it’s just the way it was intended to be… delicious.

Locally, this is a huge success story for our brand and for the primary producers that we work with every day. We’ll continue working with producers to bring our customers seasonally ranged produce, so you may see red and green apples, pears, mangoes, avocados and even strawberries throughout the year as our Peculiar Picks.